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Welcome to Theta Iota Chapter

Lee Hall Auditorium

         Installed on May 24, 1955, the Theta Iota chapter of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society has provided service to FAMU for the past 50 years. Kappa Delta Pi is the oldest and largest international honor society for the field of education in the United States. It was organized to recognize scholarship and excellence in education. Those individuals elected to membership exihibit the ideals of scholarship, high personal standards, and promise in the teaching and allied professions recognized by the Society.


So to Teach

That our words inspire a will to learn;


So to Serve

That each day may enhance the growth of exploring minds;


So to Live

That we may guide young and old to know the truth and love the right.

Kadelpians are. . .
Kindhhearted, always willing to lend a helping hand
Always aspiring to be the best that they possibly can
Positive role models for all with whom they come in contact
Professional in everything they do and in the way they act
Active in the community and in the schools
Devoted to making a difference in the lives of our youth
Energetic and enthusiastic about educating everyone
Living and learning and having fun
Taking education to a higher place
Attacking and defeating any obstacles they may face
Powerful people helping to make the future a promising one
Individuals who are a part of the great world of education

Florida Agricultural and Mechanicial University                  
                    Theta Iota Chapter-201